Alltag in der DDR

Everyday life in the GDR


Open in 2013, this museum offers the chance to see with your eyes how was the life during the GDR. Work, vacation, media, products and much more are showed in two floors.

The exhibition is divided in four individual parts. The part “Ruled by the SED” shows the mechanisms of power. “The Rhythm of the Collective” gives you an insight in the day-to-day at work and the organised leisure time activities. The section “Consumption and Shortages” decribes the SED’s promises of a better life under socialism in contrast with the real-life shortages. The final part “Retreat and Break-up” shows, how many East Germans celebrated the retreat into privacy with their dacha and Trabi car.

The museum is hosted in the beatifull Kulturbrauerei.

There is another museum about thr DDR (but entrance is not free).


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