Ciclo Divino

Hipster wine bar with great atmosphere

Cool bar in a bike shop that sells good wine and excellent Venice style tapas  (Cicchetti).

The “cicchetti” selection changes daily, and they have an enormous range of products… salumi, cheese, fish, vegetables and more… always delicious.

They cost 1 euro per piece but you can go for the 10 piece dish and you’ll get a discount.

House wine, red and white, is good (probably white is better) and only costs 2 euros per glass. Otherwise “Normal” wine and prosecco start from 3 euros. Every glass has a refundable 2 euros deposit.

They also serve a delicious Spritz (campari or aperol) for 5 euros.

Inside you get 2 very cosy rooms with few tables but on Friday and Saturday the big crowd prefer to stand outside where you have a lovely square (and 2 more drinking places, De Cervesia Taproom and Dal Bardo).

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