The Marble Mountains

Most famous attraction in Da Nang

One of the must see just right out of Da Nang on the way to Hoi An, and you probably will need at least 2-3 hour to explore this location. Prepare yourself for a lots of stairs!

To get here you’ll need a taxi, a car or motorbike. There are 2 ways to get in: one by stairs and the second one with a lift. Price for stairs should be around 45.000 VDN and around 55.000 VDN for the lift, BUT the lift ticket is only ONE WAY and you’ll have to buy a second ticket to get down (or use the stairs for free). Anyway probably better to skip the elevator, it is a waste of time as there are loads of steps when you get to the top.

There is another entrance for a second cave that has a cheaper fee to get in.

Things to do: climb to the view point and explore the many caves where you’ll find Buddha statues inside.

If you need a rest you’ll find few small shops that sells food, drinks and ice creams.

When you get in or get out you probably will find some locals that will help you to find the entrance and that will ask you tho visit their souvenirs shops. They are normally very gentle so if you feel like you can go have a look but always check the price and remember that you are not forced to buy, so in case just gently decline their offers.



  • Monument
  • Open Air
  • Viewpoint

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